Who runs the academy?

Who runs the academy?

Zheng Yuli (Chinese: 郑昱鲤) is a retired female badminton player from China.


She earned a bronze medal as a semifinalist at both the 1985 IBF World Championships and 1987 IBF World Championships in women's singles, dropping three set matches in each case to her compatriots Han Aiping and Li Lingwei respectively.

She won the women's singles at the Japan Open in 1984 and at the Denmark Open in 1984 and 1986. Zheng played on Uber Cup (women's international) championship teams for China in 1986 and 1988.

Yuli now lives in Perth with her 2 daughters.

The academy was started in 2009.

The academy caters for children interested in playing badminton as a hobby and sport.

The academy also supports the Western Australia State Badminton teams.

YuLi coached the 2012, 2013 , 2014 and 2016 Under 17s WA badminton State team. The 2014 team won a historical bronze medal. The 2016 state team did even better and won a silver while one of her students won the triple crown. Information regarding the state teams can be found at http://badmintonwaunder17s.blogspot.com.au/

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Coach Yuli brings back the Under 17s bronze medal

Dear readers

Yuli with the Under 17s WA State team 2014 that won Bronze after 10 years

Coach Yuli has brought back the bronze medal for the Under 17s Team event that took place in New Zealand in April 2014.

The team entered the lion's den and faced the biggest number of NZ teams. They survived and brought back the bronze medal for the team event.

The last time WA won a medal in the Under 17s team was in 2004. It has been a long drought that has been broken with Yuli as the coach and Jazton Tan as assistant coach.

Kay Terry was the Manager and Annie the Umpire. I was the mere chaperone for the team.

To read about their journey have a look at the WA Under 17s blog page.