Who runs the academy?

Who runs the academy?

Zheng Yuli (Chinese: 郑昱鲤) is a retired female badminton player from China.


She earned a bronze medal as a semifinalist at both the 1985 IBF World Championships and 1987 IBF World Championships in women's singles, dropping three set matches in each case to her compatriots Han Aiping and Li Lingwei respectively.

She won the women's singles at the Japan Open in 1984 and at the Denmark Open in 1984 and 1986. Zheng played on Uber Cup (women's international) championship teams for China in 1986 and 1988.

Yuli now lives in Perth with her 2 daughters.

The academy was started in 2009.

The academy caters for children interested in playing badminton as a hobby and sport.

The academy also supports the Western Australia State Badminton teams.

YuLi coached the 2012, 2013 , 2014 and 2016 Under 17s WA badminton State team. The 2014 team won a historical bronze medal. The 2016 state team did even better and won a silver while one of her students won the triple crown. Information regarding the state teams can be found at http://badmintonwaunder17s.blogspot.com.au/

Saturday, October 12, 2013

AnYu Badminton championship 2013

Dear readers

Today has been a great day for many young and upcoming badminton players. The An Yu Badminton Academy had their annual championship tournament. There were over 60 players competing this year. There were over 20 young girls who also took part. This is the biggest turnout for the championship since it started.

You could sense the excitement in the young players' faces. Many of them were taking part in their first badminton tournament. YuLi will do lots to ensure that the love of badminton is passed down to future generations of Australians.

Likewise the ever supportive parents were there for their children.

The players registering

The players for 2013

Yuli with President Judy, CEO Himanshu and Kay Terry MBE

Some of our up and coming young players

Yuli did a great job of allotting the players to their doubles team as it gave everyone an equal chance of winning.

It was heartwarming to see how the young players  looked to their parents for comfort when they had lost their games. They need to know that it is a learning experience. Failure is the path to success.

We were lucky to have President of BAWA, Dr Judith Cousins attend to see how the players went. She drove up from Albany in the morning and was still keen to help at the tournament. She also helped with umpiring a few games. Likewise, Himanshu the BAWA CEO also helped at the desk taking time away from his wife.

Kay Terry MBE was also around to look for new talent. Kay is an Australian singles, doubles and mixed doubles champion. She is managing the next Under 17s State Team. The team will be leaving for New Zealand in April 2014.

Yuli is the appointed coach and I am sure they will both do well again as a team.

One of the closest match between Cindy and Joanne v Bernice and Alica

The excited parents

Bernice seeking comfort from dad Sok Teoh after losing a close fight. She had to be comforted but will have learned much from this tournament

High fives for the winner 

Another close fight was between Daphne and Ceinweina v Nathan and Vincent. The little girls won through sheer determination

Finals between Daphne and Ceinweina v Victor and Mark. The girls won again with great support from their friends

Daphne getting a hug from mum after a great win

Boys finals between Ee Kiat and Kai Chen

Doubles finals between Jasper/Benjamin v Milian and Kai Chen

C Div doubles 3rd place winners Damian and Kevin

C Div 2nd place winners Cindy and Joanne

C Div Winners Theodore and Caleb

C Div 3rd place winner Dawson with prize given by sponsor Ben Chan from Psalm Real Estate

C Div 2nd winner Theodore

C Div Winner Damian. Damian and Theodore will definitely be meeting each other in many comps in the future.

B Div 2nd place winners Victor and Mark with prizes presented by sponsor Ding Xiao Ping of D and Y Flexible Duct 

Daphne and Ceiweina B Div doubles First Place winners

Denise Wan,  B Div 2nd place

B Div winner Rupert Kang

A Div Doubles winner 2nd place Kai Chen and Milain

A Div 3rd place winners Ee Kiat and Sunyee

A Div winners Jasper and Benjamin

A Div 3rd place Jasper Tan

A Div 2nd place Ee Kiat Beh

A Div winner Kai Chen Teoh

Coaches Achievement award Milain Ranasingle

Alicia Xu, Achievement award

Theodore Kang, Coaches achievement award

Joanne Zheng, achievement award

Dawson Lawrence, achievement award

Jasper Tan, Coaches Excellence award

At the end of the day, the players have learnt much from the tournament. There is great potential in many of the players.I was just talking to Himanshu about the need for more grassroot competitions like this so as to promote badminton. Good work Yuli. Yuli will wish me to thank the parents who helped umpire. Too many names to mention. However special thanks need to go to Martin and his wife as they had no children participating but were kind enough to help with umpiring and the canteen.

Till the next tournament, good night.